Friday, December 7, 2012

Introduction to the life of a new soldier

Army of one,

Like i said i am a specialist in the United States Army. Kind of a bitter sweet relationship. this article is to tell you a little about me.

I joined the army in July of 2010 with the hopes of giving my two kids and wife a better future. went to basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia, and A.I.T (advance individual training)  in Fort Gordon, Georgia, even tried out for the RASP ( Ranger Assessment Selection Program ) which is in Fort Benning, Georgia. I didn't make it for a dumb mistake that bit me in the tush.( Alcohol is your worst enemy ). But yes I finally got to my unit in special operations in Fort Bragg, kind of ironic still stood in a Special Operations unit. Once i got kicked out of RASP that's when my bittersweet relationship came in. started being unmotivated to work out,didn't care about rank. Until i realized the more rank i have the more money i bring home to my wife and son, and pay support for my other son. I do have one deployment under my name. Went to Qatar and Kuwait  Kind of awesome seeing the middle east, and checking out the culture.

 I did what most 25 year old do, and that's party and drink, until i started noticing my financial life was going down a waterfall. Now i am trying to fix it but its too deep and i will continue to write articles of my journey to fix my financial life, and hopefully you guys will motivate me to pursue my army career.

Tonight I will write, what my wife has done so far to help and lets see if our road to succeed really succeeds, and hope you guys can sit and read about it.

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